Currently- Fifth Edition

Hello Thursday!

It’s been a loooonnng time since I’ve shared what I’m currently loving!

Current show:

The Killing. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s an AMC and now Netflix series. Yup, I’m getting sucked in once again. Plus, the series is based in Seattle. Word. Unfortunately, I heard that there are only four seasons. Boo.


Current book:

I just finished Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’m in need of a new book immediately.


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart was suggested by my own mom. She highly recommended it and Good reads gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I think I’ll listen to her since she is an avid readers. I think she picked the correct profession. Any guesses? (Hint, hint, she’s a librarian)

Current excitement:

The upcoming Lake Sammamish Triathlon on Saturday, August 23rd.


Current obsession:

Protein Pancakes. Nuff’ said.

Current music:

Country, country and more country.

country-music-quotes-from-songs-about-life-s2ouwl1cSummer brings out the country side of me. Oh yes, I pull out the cowboy boots, cowgirl hats, bandanas and that southern twang. Ha, ya right. Me? Born and raised in the PNW. There is no southern nothing in these parts.

Current mood:

Content! Dog sitting has been quite pleasing with no problems. *knock on wood!* 

What are you currently loving?

Have you watched The Killing?

Have you read John Green’s books?

Any recommendations for me?

XO, Tara

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The FITTIE Pack Review

Happy Tuesday!

I’m so excited to share with you the latest fitness accessory that made its way into my life. It is called the FITTIE Pack.


Newman Dalton, the Founder/CEO of the FITTIE pack wanted to create a simple piece of gear to carry the necessities that any active individual would want.  By golly, I am thoroughly impressed with what he came up with. Not only is the FITTIE lightweight and comfortable, but it can hold a variety of items without weighing you down.

The FITTIE made its debut this past weekend while out on a training ride.



While out on my ride, I literally forgot that I had the FITTIE attached to my chest. I was able to put my iphone, ID/debit card, earbuds and keys inside the front pouch with no problem. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I hate carrying anything while biking, running, hiking, etc., and the fact that I didn’t even notice that I was wearing the FITTIE pleases me. Double thumbs up in my book.

Here’s a close up of the FITTIE pack.


The back side has a larger pouch for goodies. I.e., FOOD!

The FITTIE pack had it’s second debut the following day on a training ride. Dude, I must be hooked. Next up, running and hiking with the FITTIE. If it feels like I’m wearing nothing while cycling, then I’ll be uber happy while out running or hiking.

Oh by the way,  there’s another perk of the FITTIE, it comes with reflective tape on the front and back. You can never be too safe!

Overall, I highly recommend the FITTIE! I’ve had a positive impression from this piece of gear. I encourage you to try it out for yourself.

Have you tried the FITTIE pack?

Do you like trying new fitness accessories?

Do reviews encourage you to try new products/accessories/gear?

Have a great day!

XO, Tara

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Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I did not receive monetary compensation for this product review. This review is based on personal use and results.

Seahawks Game Day

Before I start rambling about the Seahawks, let’s recap on last night.

First off, it was eye lash time. Wooot!


My lovely full lashes are back!! Yes, it’s an addiction, but I am okay with it. Football is another addiction….

Remember the Seahawks? That football team that went to the Superbowl last year and won…. Oh ya the Seahawks! Football season is upon us and of course pre-season is happening as we speak. The Seahawks played the San Diego Chargers last night.

Let’s recap on the evening. What game? SEAHAWKS V. CHARGERS

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002 006 007

By half time, the score was 24 to 7.

Wilson came out after the first half and Pryor went in for the second half. The Chargers is unfotunately manage to score which up’d the score to 27-14. Of couse, the Hawks are still feeling good. As I am writing this, the Hawks scored. AWESOME!!

The game ended with a Seattle Seahawks win: 41 vs 14. 

Do you watch NFL preseason?

Or the regular season?

What sport do you love to watch???

XO, Tara


Crazy for Zucchini

ITZ FRIDAY!! {insert} Happy Dance!


Kk, enough with the uber cute dancing kitties, let’s talk zucchini. Is your garden going crazy with zucchini?? The zucchini plants in my parent’s garden are going wild. I went to check the garden on Wednesday evening and discovered something shocking.


Okay, I understand that it doesn’t look that big in the picture; however, take a guess at how long this baby was?


Let’s take a closer look.


Just shy of 20 inches long.  Holy moly batman.

Can this be a weapon? I honestly pondered this for a mere 2 minutes. It had some serious weight. What am I to do with a 20 inch long zucchini? Just take pictures and obsess over this massive vegetable? Apparently I’m one for one then. The first thing that comes to mind is to bake a ton of zucchini bread.

I did manage to pick some zucchini’s that were of normal size.


I was lucky enough to give some of the zucchinis away to some lucky families!

Whats on the books for this weekend? Lots of zucchini bread baking! Oh, and I forgot to mention I’m dog sitting once again for an entire week. I get to chill out with these munchkins…

013 014

Bring on the good ol’ times! With all the complaining that comes with it, I do enjoy watching them. :)

Along with dog sitting, I need to keep up with my training since I only have 8 more days until the Lake Sammamish Triathlon. I’ve been biking every day at the gym due to the weather not cooperating and I got a run in yesterday afternoon before the rain kicked in.

The count down is on.

What are your weekend plans?

Do you like zucchini?

Do you bake with zucchini?

Are you a enjoy growing veggies?

XO, Tara

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5 Ways To Avoid Runner Injuries

Good morning!

I have a great guest post from Techwood Consulting to share with you today. I’m convinced that you will find this article very informative and helpful. I picked up some good tips.

Top 5 Ways To Avoid Runner Injuries In Race Season


If you’re a runner, you probably know a thing or two about running-related injuries, and chances are they’ve hindered you a few too many times from training for that big race. Shin splints, runner’s knee, iliotibial band syndrome – all of these ailments are common, but can be avoided.

Preventing injuries is an easy thing to do if you do a little studying beforehand. Below are some rules to follow to help prevent those nasty shin splints and sore ankles.

1) Don’t underestimate the power of a good shoe.

A shoe that fits your feet and needs can turn an uncomfortable run into a satisfying one. Ill-fitting sneakers will cause a slew of injuries, from blisters to sore ankles, and making sure you have the perfect pair of running shoes is one of the easiest steps to preventing pain.

Most sports stores have employees who can help you find the perfect shoe based on your running habits, and you can find plenty of information online that’ll help you find the perfect running shoe.

2) Listen to your body.

This rule is simple enough, but people often ignore it. It may be tempting to push yourself toward a certain goal, but if a part of your body begins to hurt during your run, Do. Not. Continue.

When something begins to hurt, go home, ice it, stretch it, and let it rest for a day or two before continuing or else that shin splint is going to have a harder time repairing itself in the long run.

3) Invest in a Chiropractor

Preventative care in the form of weekly chiropractor visits can make all the difference while training for a big race Knowledge is power when it comes to running injuries. For avid runners, chiropractic care can be used for injury prevention because it emphasizes proper alignment of the spine and pelvis. Chiropractic care is designed to improve joint mobilization, making sure that all joints in the body are functioning properly. As a runner we’re used to visiting a professional only when something goes wrong. Chiropractors used many innovative techniques, such as the Active Release Technique, that keep your body in healthy alignment so that you can perform at your best and be free to nagging pains and ailments

4) Discover the power of stretching.

This may seem like a “well, duh” sort of rule, but you’d be surprised how many people let stretching fall by the wayside. Sometimes when returning from a run, your first thought is to grab some water and cool down. Then the next thing you know, you’re sitting on the couch and the idea of stretching has completely escaped you.

However, avoid stretching before a run – try a warm up walk/jog instead – and save the leg reaches for post-run. The stretches you need to do to help prevent injury are quick and easy, so there’s no excuse not to do them as soon as you get home from your run.

5) Alternate your workouts.

Try running every other day or every two days, and on the days that you don’t run, do some weightlifting. Building up your muscles can improve your posture, which in turn will prevent injuries. Also try adding activities like swimming and biking to change things up.

Don’t let something as simple as refusing to give your body some rest or the proper stretching it needs keep you from training for race season. After all, how are you going to win first place if you’re stuck at home icing that Achilles tendon? Stay smart, and take care of your body.


Honestly, these tips are crucial. I’ve definitely made mistakes and have learned over the years about the importance of a good shoe, not over training, stretching, listening to my body always and seeking help from a healthcare professional when needed. Let me tell you, it only took me like four plus years to figure this all out. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll make the necessary changes to steer clear of the pain.

Have you been injured before due to over training, the wrong shoe, etc?

What is your favorite shoe?

How often do you stretch?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

XO, Tara

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Manhandling Logs

Hello my friends. How was your weekend? Superb? Mine was pretty darn good. I wish the weekends would just slow down…

Let’s recap on the weekend shall we?

On Friday, I was able to get out of the office early to enjoy the weather. When the boss says, “Tara get outta here!!” I’ll definitely take him up on that. I was out like a rocket. I immediately headed to my parents to grab Kasa and my mom then we headed to Soaring Eagle to go on a quick trail walk.

 014<—- This girl is always up for a  W.A.L.K. Unfortunately, Kasa now knows how to spell walk…we are doomed when it comes to trying to keep it a secret.

Post trail walk lead to a run to the store and a quick stop at the local Desert Sun. Yes, I do tan. Nuff’ said. Immediately after finishing my bronzing session, I received a text stating that step brother decided to come into town…hello impromptu visit. It was great seeing him and catching up on life. We ended up watching Divergent too. I was pretty stoked and I actually enjoyed the movie. I highly recommend it.

Saturday began with some prepping for the Music on the Lawn Party. My step dad and I decided to create a pizza station for the event. This means alot of prep. And since I am a wonderful step child, I offered to assist in the process from the beginning to the end.

 Since I was knee deep in dough and making pizzas all evening, I didn’t even snap a picture of any of the pizzas. However, we were a hit. Everyone loved the pizzas. I may blame the fact that I didn’t take any pictures of the pizzas on this:


So good and I am not sorry if I had too many.

014 009 018

There was a lot of dancing going on. Even the one year old’d got down with it.

Throughout the evening, I was asking many times if I was doing the Lake Sammamish Triathlon. At first, I said no because I didn’t know much about it at all. Apparently I am behind on the triathlon race circuit. I was immediately convinced that I should do the Lake Sammamish Triathlon with everyone this year. BTW, the race is in two weeks. Perhaps I should get my shit together. 

I thought it would be great to get my shit together on Sunday by heading home to get my road bike and tune it up.

Done and Done! I took the bike on a quick 10 mile ride around Sammamish just in time to witness this…


The picnic table is coming along. After a few “test” runs on wood that we wouldn’t use with an overall success, it was time to split the wood that would be used on the picnic table. I was in charge of viewing and video and picture taking. Yippeee.

Take a guess at how long it took to split this long piece of wood….Here’s a hint, less than 30 minutes.


The aftermath.

Only one more to go for the sitting areas, I think. But I don’t really know.

I won’t be going into the logging industry anytime soon. Totally not my thing.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like to build things?

Do you have any upcoming races?

XO, Tara

Book Club: Paper Towns Review

Back in June, I mentioned that I was going to start my own personal book club that would involve me, myself and I. Fortunately, I’ve managed to knock one book off my list. Yay for me.

After crying through The Fault In Our Stars (and the movie as well), I decided that it would be necessary to read some of John Green’s other novels. I quickly jumped into Paper Towns.


Paper Towns took me only a few days to finish while on vacation last month. I really enjoyed the book and John Green’s writing style. Yes, John Green’s novels may be a wee bit on the darker side at times, but I thoroughly appreciate someone taking a risk and going in that direction. If you’ve read some of his books then you’ll most likely understand where I am coming from.

Let’s get to my review of Paper Towns*Spoiler Alert*

The book is about Quentin Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman, two high school teens that grow up together in the same neighborhood, but are just neighbors.  Quentin secretly envy’s Margo’s adventurous side and yearns to become more than just a neighborhood friend. Everything changes one night when Margo shows up at Quentin’s window luring him to join her on a late night joy ride.  This joyride soon turns into an all-night prank on a number of individuals who Quentin thought were her friends.

The following day, Margo suddenly disappears only leaving clues for Quentin to find and decipher. Quentin soon brings his friends into the situation to help him find out where Margo went. After a few weeks of scaverging to find clues, Quentin finds a clue that is bigger than ever. He remembers Margo mentioning the term “paper towns” and discovers that there is a town in New York that she references as being called “paper towns.” He locates the general location of this so called town and gathers his friends on a long road trip. Oh, did I mention that this road trip begins on the evening of their high school graduation? Yes, it happens. Everyone piles into Quentin’s van and they drive hundreds of miles to find Margo.

After driving all night, the vans full of teenagers locate Margo. Unfortunately, Margo’s expression to them finding her isn’t what they thought it would be. Margo was in shock and confused why they would even come. Margo’s old best friend who joined in on the road trip was mad about Margo’s expression and couldn’t believe she would do this. After time, Quentin and Margo talk and he finds out that Margo hated their home state and was going to leave after graduation anyway. Quentin begins to understand that they are going in different directions and will never be together. They kiss and part ways.

Overall, I would give the book a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Unfortunately, I felt that the book dragged on longer than it should. At times, I wanted to skip a few chapters just to see what happened. Personally, I need to be sucked into a book to truly “love” it.

Since finishing Paper Towns, I’ve started reading another novel by John Green called Looking For Alaska.



Stay tuned for another review soon!

Have you read any of John Green’s novels?

If so, do you like his style?

What genre do you like?

Are you apart of any book clubs?

Have a great Thursday!

XO, Tara

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